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Jay Hewlett - Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer

Jay Hewlett, actor, comedian, producer

Video Samples

Below you will find a variety of video samples, everything from sketch
comedy shorts and movie me live on BET!


1 Snappers Comedy Club, St. Petersburg, Florida
2 Comic View on BET
3 Mexican Sky
4 BS Berlitz Language Course
5 Sue Somebody
6 The Da Vinci Commode
7 Ho Jack
8 Nexoriatin Drug Parody
9 The More You REALLY Know Parody
10 Clip from Dead Americans
11 Stand Up at Ice House
12 Average Guy #1
48 Hour FilmFest. Jay hits the 48 Hr. Film Fest for the premiere of "You're All Gonna Die". He plays the lovable and possibly lethal Charlie Sparks with the lovely Rhonda Shear of "Up All Night Fame"
13 Average Guy #2
Communication. The man who has never been married, or kissed, for that matter, waxes poetic on the importance of communication. Listen in and learn.
14 Average Guy #3 -
People on wheels are the object of Jays ire in this episode, specifically the hard core bicyclists.
15 Average Guy #4 -
The boxers hangin down, the butt crack hangin out, Skateboard X games wannabe. See how Jay tactfully deals with the lovable skateboard kids near his home.
16 Average Guy #5 -
Are we really making progress? Bottled water and discipline are two areas where Jay thinks NOT!
17 Average Guy #6 -
On the run or should I say on the runs with an Avg Jay. Ever wanted a shortcut to weight loss without all the irritating exercise and diet stuff....Jay may have the solution for you...then again maybe not...after all he is a nutball!
18 Average Guy #7 -
My grandfather was a wise they say: the Juevos don't fall far from the tree....and yet I still learn from him....find out why on an Avg J
19 Average Guy #8 -
This week an AVG J reviews movies with an AVG Lauren Kirshner...."Glee Harvey Oswald"....the hijinks begin...
20 Average Guy #9 -
We all have had our bad days....fortunately, or unfortunately, there are some equalizers,....but there are also some side effects....two steps forward three steps back ...Viagra....
21 Stand Up - Cedar Key
22 Average Guy #10 -
An Avg Jay#10 revisits the scene of the crime: Up All Nights presentation of You're All Gonna Die! With the lovely and talented Rhonda Shear, directional directing of Carole Montgomery, Improvisational wiz Martin Brown, delicious Erika Flaskamp, multi faceted talent of Marie Crane, the video wizards Gene May & Kenn Bradley! Doing a bang up job the HIsterical Kato Kaelin as himself and a cast of thousands...Van Fagan produced!
23 Average Guy #11 -
Weight loss? Not so much....Ask me how....An Avg J #11

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Jay Hewlett: Actor, Writer, Comedian, Producer has appeared on or at: Comedy Central, BET Comic View, Catch A Rising Star, Ice House, Improv, Coconuts Comedy Club, McCurdy's and more. Film & TV: Mexican Sky, Dead Americans, Entertainment Tonight, Make Me Laugh, California Dreams, Saved By the Bell and more.

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